Fostering connections, one neighbour at a time, for a stronger and more vibrant community.

Our Mission

Empowering the Treetops community, we are a not-for-profit organization dedicated to fostering unity, promoting diverse interests, and enhancing the well-being of residents. Through community-based events, organized activities, and collaborative initiatives, we strive to cultivate a vibrant and supportive environment that embraces creativity, education, recreation, and mutual support. Our mission is to strengthen the bonds within the Treetops subdivision, nurture a sense of belonging, and contribute positively to the broader community of Alliston, Ontario and its surrounding townships.

Our Vision

We envision Treetops as a thriving community where residents are actively engaged, connected, and inspired. Our vision is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that celebrates the unique talents, interests, and aspirations of each individual. Through the promotion of organized athletics, arts, education, and civic engagement, we aim to build a resilient community that collaboratively addresses challenges and embraces opportunities for growth. We aspire to be a beacon of unity, promoting the well-being of our residents, fostering a strong sense of community spirit, and serving as a model for harmonious living in the heart of Alliston, Ontario.

Our Values




Community Unity
Civic Responsibility
Social Responsibility

Celebration of Diversity
Community Engagement